About me

digitalpug is Donata Marletta, PhD

I’m a writer, critic, and academic interested in how digital media are transforming the creative act and reshaping the ways people interrelate. In June 2012 I completed my PhD in Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology, Leeds Metropolitan University (United Kingdom). My thesis is entitled: ‘Sharing Bits’: Creating Sociability in the Age of the Digital Agora and focuses on how new technologies allow people to connect with each other and mobilise through virtual and physical travels. Through an ethnographic approach I have studied festivals dedicated to new media and digital art as the actual places where information, people, and ideas converge. In addition to festivals, I have analysed two virtual communities dedicated to new media and ‘Net-Culture’: Rhizome and Nettime. My research interests rotate around the social implications of new technologies and how these reflect throughout the entire spectrum of contemporary culture. My areas of research interest include sociology and anthropology, media studies and critical Cyberculture studies, and the late 20th century studies on aesthetics and art avant-garde.

Christopher Wool_Installation View_Venice Biennale_2011

I have presented my papers at several international academic conferences and attended as an observer and reporter the International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA) held in Montreal during the Elektra International Digital Arts Festival. In 2008 I joined the online cultural platform Digicult, which explores the impact of digital technologies on the arts, design, and culture.

Thank you for visiting, Donata

An updated list of articles I write for Digicult can be found here: http://www.digicult.it/authors/donata-marletta/


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